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Only one side has sound on the Endear True Wireless?
Please make sure:

1)      The left and right earpiece MUST first be paired successfully. This is only required to be done once. To pair the left and right earpiece, press and hold both buttons for 5 seconds and you’ll see both LEDs flash white once. Then, continue holding both buttons until you see the LED light on the left earpiece flash white and blue continuously.
2) After pairing between the earpieces, it must then be connected to the mobile phone.

How to connect with the mobile phone?
To connect Endear to your phone, turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile phone and search for DE-TW-01. Click on DE-TW-01 to connect. After connecting for the first time, the next time it will auto connect to your phone.

How do I know if Endear True Wireless is charging?
Place both earpiece into groove of the charging case, and make sure the metal contacts are touching.

On Charging Case
BLUE LED = Charging case being charged
WHITE LED (Breathing pattern) = Earpieces being charged
NO LED = Earpieces fully charged.

On Earpiece
BLUE LED (Solid) = Earpiece being charged
NO LED = Earpiece fully charged